Today is part one of a two part series on Binge Eating Disorder. Tracy Benjamin and I discuss the foods that seem to hold power over us, the origins o...View Details

Today I interview Dr. Joshua Pepper, professor of astrophysics and recent employee of NASA. I ask him all the questions: how do we discover exoplanets...View Details


This is the first of a series that indicates that we are really serious. You can see because we use All Caps. Check this one out. Definitely the best ...View Details

Today I get to know Reese, my other partner at Square One Studios. Reese is our tech sorcerer, our editing software whisperer and as he puts it "Profe...View Details

Today I talk with Sam Lamott, the creator of the podcast, "How To Human" about...getting to know Sam Lamott. Really, this is an episode about friendsh...View Details

Today we speak with Jonathan Parkhurst about his salvation from the clutches of addiction. John goes into detail about how his extreme internal strife...View Details

Brad Smallwood, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, discusses the myriad changes that have occurred since the world opened back up: shifts in urba...View Details

Today we examine the various forms of depression, tools to mitigate serious symptoms of depression as well as resources for those suffering with this ...View Details

Today we speak with working class hero and “Refuse Engineer, Ben. Every day Ben rises at the crack of 11pm to make the very early morning rounds to pi...View Details

Today we talk with Dan Chaison, former US Army sergeant deployed to Afghanistan, who went on to become a United States Senate foreign policy aide. At ...View Details

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